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10 Toys That Help Your Kids Create Rather Than Consume

By Team Tomorrow
Published December 4, 2020

Think about the things you’re purchasing for your child this holiday season. There are probably toys on the list. Books. Video games. These things are all on the list because they’re fun to play with. They provide an enjoyable experience — one we’d like our children to have.

But what if there were gifts that could help your child make their own video games? Design their own toys? Write their very own book, professionally bound and all?

While these things might have been out of reach during your own childhood, they’re readily available today. There are actually a ton of gifts on the market that can help your child create rather than consume.

Toys That Help Your Kids Create

Designers, engineers, authors, musicians and architects all actively create throughout their careers. No matter your child’s interests or age, there’s a toy that can foster this creativity in their youth.

As you foster a sense of creativity in your children, make sure you’re taking care of their financial future, too.


Let your child design and create their very own toy. Potatoyz provides an interactive app, allowing even the littlest learners to design their own toy. Then, you can order a 3D-printed version of their toy to be sent to you in real life.

Sound-Activated Light Blocks

Building bricks are a great way to inspire your child’s creativy. These sound-activated light blocks from Uncommon Goods take things to the next level. Not only will your child be able to build whatever creation their imagination can dream up, but they can make their structure light up, activating it by sound.

Build-a-Fort Kit

What kid doesn’t love building forts? Aside from providing a place to play, building a fort teaches your kids about physics, engineering and cooperation. This 16-panel fort kit lets your child build the fort of their dreams. If you’re on a budget, you can make your own fort kit with blankets, pillows and other items around the house.

FlexiMusic Kids’ Composition Software

Not all creation ends with a physical product. If you have a little musician on your hands, you might consider getting them some composition software like the kind found at Fleximusic. Composition software built for kids lets your child write their own songs, or even print music so that others can enjoy their work, too.

Lulu Jr. Book Kits

Have a young author on your hands? Help them bring their book ideas to life with a Lulu Jr. kit. You can pick between the Illustory kit — which is more like a traditional book — or the Comic Book Kit.

When your child receives their kit, they’ll use the art materials provided to write and illustrate their story. Then, they’ll mail the pages in. Shortly thereafter, LuLu Jr. will send you a professionally-bound version of their book. If you want copies for friends and family, they allow you to order additional copies.

Subscription Boxes That Help Your Kids Create

If you want to bring creativity to the forefront twelve months of the year, check out these monthly subscription boxes.

Home Made Luxe Arts & Craft Kits

While this subscription box isn’t geared specifically to children, it does provide plenty of opportunity for creativity. Every month, Home Made Luxe will send you a Pinterest-worthy craft, complete with instructions and all the materials you and your child will need. These crafts are perfect for displaying around the house. Some are seasonal, and some can stay up all year long.

Annie’s Young Woodworkers Kits

If you child loves building, you’ll want to check out Annie’s Young Woodworkers subscription box. In the first kit, you’ll receive 5 high-quality tools that your kid can use every month as they build their own toys. They’ll make things like catapults, toy trucks and candy dispensers.


Children with curly hair may enjoy creating their own hair products with this monthly cosmetology subscription box. Each EmbraceBox includes all the kid-friendly ingredients you’ll need to make one, full-sized hair product. Conditioners, cleansers, styling agents and more.

Raddish Cooking Club Kits

The Raddish Cooking Club allows your child to explore their culinary creativity. Each month, they’ll receive a cooking lesson in a box, complete with three recipes, directions and a shopping list.


Digital creativity may not be a skill you had to learn as a child, but it’s an important one for kids today. Bitsbox teaches your child to code with monthly deliveries, instructing them on how to make digital greeting cards, simulations, video games and more. Once your child gets the hang of the examples, they’ll be able to build their very own apps, accessible on any type of device.

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