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7 Awesome Benefits of Having a Travel Planner

By Team Tomorrow
Published July 28, 2021

Planning a trip during a pandemic can lead to plenty of complications. That’s when a travel planner comes in handy.

A travel planner can create an itinerary that’s equal parts safe and enjoyable, has firsthand knowledge of COVID restrictions and regulations, and can ensure you’re fully prepared for your summer vacation.

Here are a few more benefits of having a travel planner…

First Off, What is a Travel Planner?

Travel planners help you arrange travel and tourism-related services. Think of them as your personal vacation assistant. They simplify the travel planning process by booking everything from flights, hotels, concert tickets, and rental cars. If you have health concerns or special diets, they can accommodate for those, too.

In our new normal, travel planners closely follow domestic and international rules, regulations, and requirements. Mark Roberts, a travel planner at Catalyst Travel, further explains that, “with all the regulations and everything going on, travel planners are really relevant in 2021.”

Travel Planners Create Personalized Experiences

The more you work with a travel planner, the easier it is for them to help you plan your perfect vacation.

“Once we establish a relationship, I can keep your dislikes and likes on file. For example, if you prefer a specific airline, or an aisle seat or window seat, we take that into account and can make your life easier,” Roberts says. He can also make suggestions for you and your travel companions based on your preferences.

Travel is Their Expertise

Travel planners all have their niches. Some specialize in cruises, group travel, or specific regions.

Not only do they try to get you the best deals for your trip, they also have access to other travel agents in their network. For instance, if you’re used to working with James as your travel planner because you frequent Spain, but this year you’re going to Paris instead, James can contact Shonda, a Parisian aficionado.

They Help Create New, Exciting Experiences

Whether you want to learn how to make pasta in Florence, swim with whale sharks in Baja, or watch the aurora borealis in Iceland, travel planners can make it happen. They have access to the most innovative, exclusive events and travel packages. Travel planners can work with on-site tour specialists.

Genius Packing Advice

When you’re traveling somewhere unfamiliar, you don’t always know what to bring. Travel planners give you excellent packing advice so that you’re not leaving home without something essential. From travel passport wallets to electronic organizer boards, here are 38 items that travel agents insist you pack.

Less Stress

It’s not secret that traveling is more complicated this year. Travel planners help make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. If something doesn’t go as planned, they’re available to help you out. They also save you the time and hassle of struggling to put together an itinerary by yourself.

“The reason I became a travel agent is because of how convenient things were when I used one,” Roberts explains. “I find it rewarding to help people create their vacation and share that knowledge with others.”

Vacations Can Be Once-in-a-Lifetime Experiences

Travel planners help you check off every item on your vacation bucket list. There may be several places you frequent often, but you may only travel to Italy, Japan, or Australia once. Make the most of your trip by working with an expert. After all, vacations always don’t come with do-overs.

Final Thoughts

Make your first post-pandemic vacation extra special by working with a professional. You’ll enjoy a new adventure. You’ll also likely save time, stress, and money in the long run.

For extra credit, give yourself additional peace of mind by setting up an account via Tomorrow.

Happy travels!

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