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Creative Ideas to Spark Your Kids Imagination During Quarantine

By Team Tomorrow
Published February 11, 2021

Looking for boredom busters during the pandemic?

There are tons of ways to encourage your child’s creativity at home. Between online lessons, subscription boxes and educational resources, there’s bound to be an outlet that’s right for your family.

Creativity can serve a number of different goals. Creativity and imagination are necessary in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) fields. By fostering opportunities for this creativity at home, you’ll be encouraging their long-term success in their academic journey, and perhaps even their long-term career opportunities.

Creativity also allows for emotional expression, which could serve all of our children during these times we never would have wanted them to experience. These forms of catharsis can help them deal with the difficulties of everyday life.


Experimenting with building when you’re young exposes you to concepts like geometry and load bearing all while you’re in a creative mode. These pre-engineering skills can build confidence in your child as they’re exposed to more STEAM concepts growing up.

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If playing with LEGOs in and of itself isn’t enough for you, LEGO has an educational page full of lesson plans for all age groups.


Music has a lot of crossovers. We classically think of it as an art, but it also heavily incorporates mathematics. In some circumstances, it can even prove a positive influence for those learning foreign languages.

If you’re not musically inclined or don’t feel equipped to teach your child a musical instrument or voice lessons yourself, there are plenty of online platforms that offer this service. You can look to places like:


Theater can be a great way for your kids to express themselves and explore any budding acting skills. There’s a lot more to theater than just acting, though. There’s set and costume design, directing and playwriting to start.

You child can explore their creativity in the world of theater through programs like Disney’s the Lion King Experience, which is currently free during the pandemic. Other places you can look for instruction include Drama Kids Online and TakeLessons.


Your child likely has access to a world of electronic books through their school or local library. They may even have an additional reading app through school.

To take their interest in literature to the next level, have them write some themselves. Younger children can create professionally printed picture books through LuLu Jr. For older children, you can find courses geared towards teens on sites like Udemy.


Science and creativity go hand in hand. Many of our scientific theories, from Newton to Einstein, came from individuals not afraid to use their imagination as they studied the world around them.

There are no shortage of science experiments you can try with your kids on Pinterest. Or, if you prefer, you can have those experiments delivered to your door on a monthly basis. Science and STEAM-related subscription boxes for kids include:


Art in and of itself is a powerful way for kids to let out their emotions, especially in such trying times. If you want to integrate art into your routine, you can look to subscription boxes like Paletteful Packs that come with all the supplies you’ll need.

If you don’t want to go the subscription box route, you can get individual art kits from a store like Michaels. These art kits also integrate other STEAM concepts, such as kits that include  glow-in-the-dark paint, capillary action, sand, spirographs and shrinky dinks.

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