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Parenting Bloggers of Tomorrow: Denver

By Team Tomorrow
Published June 24, 2019


Perhaps unsurprisingly, Denver is not short on creative, interesting women writing about their lives and journeys through motherhood. Some focus on travel, others on style, and still others on education. You’ll also be able to find mom blogs specific to local activities in the Denver region.

Regardless of what they’re blogging about, each one of these women are inspired. Be sure to start following the top 5 Mom Bloggers of Tomorrow of Denver, Colorado!

AnnMarie John

AnnMarie John has always loved traveling — especially with her youngest daughter. In fact, she’s had a long-standing bucket list with the goal of visiting one new country every year. Her writing isn’t just filled with amazing destinations; it’s filled with John’s contagious exuberance for life.

In 2018, John found out she was losing her vision. There would be a time in the comprehensible future where she would not be able to see the world in the same way she could today. So she upped her travel game. Today, she visits one new country per month (and sometimes two!) , sharing her journeys and insights with the world on her blog.

Katie Brown of All Things Lovely

Katie Brown is a lifestyle blogger over at All Things Lovely–emphasis on the style. On her site, she shares fashion tips, luxury travel, and everything else you’d expect to find on a trendy millennial site.

She goes beyond how she dresses her body, though, and delves into the inner workings of her self. With refreshing transparency, she addresses her journey through motherhood, marriage, postpartum depression, anxiety, preeclampsia, premature birth and her love of Disneyland and all things girly. If you want to follow someone relatable and honest about their struggles who still brings their audience the beautiful, inspiring and enjoyable parts of life, Brown is the mom blogger for you.

Amber Borowski Johnson of Mile High Mamas

Currently, Amber Borowski Johnson lives in Utah. But when the former adventure travel writer founded Mile High Mamas, she lived in Denver, Colorado–the city which the blog still serves.

The blog covers local Denver family events, area attractions, Denver-specific contests, current local events and politics as it affects things like children’s healthcare and education, and thought pieces on motherhood as a whole.

Johnson does a wonderful job of maintaining the site remotely, but she does not do it alone. You can rest assured that she has built a great team of local moms on the ground so the pulse of the mile high city isn’t absent from Mile High Mamas content.

Melissa Taylor of Imagination Soup

If you’re interested in your child’s education and literacy, you’ll want to check out Imagination Soup. Creator Melissa Taylor is a Denver-based mother of two, on top of being a former teacher and literacy trainer.

On her blog, Taylor lays out ways to discover the best books for your child complete with itinerized book suggestions. She also provides STEM projects, reading and writing exercises, toy recommendations, game recommendations and even educational book suggestions on the topic of parenting.

If you’re trying to help your kid escape the summer slide, check out Imagination Soup today. You’ll have plans to keep everyone sane and well-studied over the next couple months sooner than you could imagine.

Jen Goode of 100 Directions

Jen Goode is an entrepreneur in the creative space, owning her own design studio and monetizing multiple creative efforts. She is also a mother, fourth-generation Coloradan, and owner of 100 Directions.

100 Directions is a blog where you’ll find tons of creative ideas, from crafting to baking to party ideas to whatever other projects are flowing through Goode’s mind. Every once in a while, you’ll catch a deeper look into her life as a creative entrepreneur, kid-friendly events and organizational tips. Lovers of DIY, imaginative works and living life on their own terms will find a home in Goode’s work.

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