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Parenting Bloggers of Tomorrow: Los Angeles

By Team Tomorrow
Published July 20, 2019


Los Angeles and its surrounding communities are a world unto themselves. Diverse and competitive, it should come as no surprise that the parenting bloggers based in this city create unique content that you won’t necessarily find on other mom blogs. For all the excitement and energy, these are the top five mom bloggers we here at Tomorrow are keeping our eyes on.

Mayra Rodriguez of Estilo Familiar

Mayra Rodriguez is a homeschooling mom of two living in Los Angeles. She started blogging in 2010 when she noticed a lack of Latina insight on homeschooling blogs she was frequenting. Her work flourished, and today Estilo Familiar hosts great information not just on homeschooling, but also family travel, DIY projects, events in the LA area and even some delicious recipes.

The best part? Her blog is entirely Spanish-language, allowing her to serve a woefully underrepresented linguistic minority as she strives to “encourage Hispanic parents to empower their children through education and enriching experiences that leads them to use their talents and skills to fulfill their dreams.”

Anabel Marquez of Mommy in Los Angeles

Anabel Marquez is the powerhouse behind the Mommy in Los Angeles blog (formerly Do Tell, Anabel.) This is her personal blog where she logs her experiences as a boy mom, covering adventures they go on together, crafts she does with them or for their events and food. Glorious food! While she does share some recipes, she also extensively covers the restaurants where she and her family dine.

The blog isn’t the only place you’ll find Marquez, though. If you’re in L.A., you can pick up a copy of the Mommy in Los Angeles Magazine in these locations. The magazine’s website also regularly publishes content that is helpful for parents in L.A.

Veronica Navarro of The L.A. Mama

Veronica Navarro — an L.A. native — is a writer for the Mommy in Los Angeles Magazine run by Marquez, but she also has her very own mom blog highlighting her experience of parenthood in the City of Angels: The L.A. Mama.

On her blog, you’ll be able to read about her family’s travels, both local and to other parts of the country. Not only does she explore all the things to do, but she also explores self-care in the “Mind, Body and Soul” section of The L.A. Mama.

Christina Simon of Beyond the Brochure

If you live in an urban area, you’re familiar with the pull between public and private schools. In areas where urban school districts are underfunded, private school can become the best option for some families.

Los Angeles residents often face this same dilemma. To help parents through it, Christina Simon created Beyond the Brochure, a blog which covers all things private education in the L.A. area, including application tips, local auctions benefitting local education, openings of new schools and more. In addition to the site’s content, Beyond the Brochure is also a book which provides comprehensive reviews of individual private schools in L.A.

Tracy Bobbit of Hollywood Mom Blog

When you think of Los Angeles, Hollywood inevitably comes to mind. In a city with so many aspiring stars, some parents want to know the latest and greatest ways to get their kids in front of the camera. If you’re one of those parents, you’ll want to first check yourself to make sure this is something your kid wants rather than it being your own desire or unfulfilled dream. After you’ve cleared that hurdle, head over to Hollywood Mom Blog.

Run by Tracy Bobbit, a Hollywood mom herself, the Hollywood Mom Blog covers things like open casting calls, the results of those casting calls, news in the child acting space, headshot photographers and more. If your child is an actor, it’s a blog you’ll want to keep up with.

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