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Parenting Bloggers of Tomorrow: Pittsburgh

By Team Tomorrow
Published July 2, 2019


Today we take a look at the mothers of the Steel City. Forging forward with strength, self-confidence and a dash of humor, these Pittsburgh mom bloggers do their city proud.

Chatón Turner of Chaton’s World

Chatón Turner makes money moves. She’s a successful lawyer, loving wife and mother and a strong women’s workplace rights advocate. She’s also one of the most approachable people you’ll ever meet.

Her heartfelt content gives working mothers inspiration to live full lives—even when the system makes that difficult. She’s presented on everything from laundry to high heels as they pertain to the lives of working mothers. You’ll have a hard time leaving Chaton’s World without learning something. It might be something about the world at large. It might be something about employment law. Or it may be something about yourself.

Stephanie Jankowski of When Crazy Meets Exhaustion

Former high school English teacher Stephanie Jankowski is hilariously witty. She created her blog, When Crazy Meets Exhaustion, in 2011 as she cared for her two children while working from home. She started writing because she needed an outlet and some adult interaction. Her writing ranges from sweet and sentimental to the relatable struggles of family life, but it’s always accompanied by a dash of humor.

On top of keeping up with Jankowski’s life and musings, you’ll find lots of information about Pittsburgh family events on When Crazy Meets Exhaustion. Come for the laughs. Leave with great ideas for enriching your family life.

Heather Hopson of Single Mom Defined

Heather Hopson is on a mission to change the narrative around single Black moms in America. She has been writing about her journey as a single mother since the early days, starting with a site called Dear Mom Diary, later morphing it into the Single Mom Defined initiative.

On the site, you’ll be able to find helpful and inspiring content surrounding topics such as parenting, coparenting, dating, career and self-care. Hopson’s mission expands beyond the internet, though. She has taken the initiative into the community, with one example being a booth Single Mom Defined hosted at the Three Rivers Arts Festival. As families worked on arts and crafts, they were exposed to positive images of motherhood in the Pittsburgh region. Hopson has also organized advocacy campaigns around such issues as children’s education in the state of Pennsylvania.

Becky Willis of Lil Burghers


Becky Willis’ family adventures will make you jealous—until you realize you can go on them, too. The Willis family has four children, and they’re all more than willing to pile into the car for a quick road trip from Pittsburgh to go check out the latest attractions and events.

Following Willis’ blog—Lil Burghers—will give you tons of great ideas for family trips, both in Southwestern PA and beyond. On top of reviews of destinations, Willis reviews toys and other products which are useful to families.

Kelly Hughes of Pittsburgh Momtourage

If you’re looking for kids’ events in the Pittsburgh region, Pittsburgh Momtourage is the blog to check. Its creator, Kelly Hughes, maintains a calendar of fun things for families to do in the Pittsburgh region, along with organizing local play dates for readers.

On top of covering great, family-friendly entertainment options in Southwestern Pennsylvania, Hughes is also the founder of the Foster Love Project. As a foster parent herself, she realized that the transition from home to home could be traumatic for children. The move is often swift and sudden, the children are able to take but few belongings and their new foster parents haven’t necessarily had time to prepare for their arrival.

Today the Foster Love Project puts together backpacks to greet kids in their new homes, full of basics like toothbrushes and diapers along with belongings the children can call their own, like stuffed animals and journals. You can find more information about the project via the Pittsburgh Momtourage site.


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