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Parenting Bloggers of Tomorrow: Portland, OR

By Team Tomorrow
Published July 18, 2019


If you’re one of the many transplants that have moved to Oregon in recent years, you may find yourself wandering the landscapes of parenting in your new Portland home with some desire for a little guidance. Where’s a good place to take my family for an affordable dinner out that my kids will actually eat? How can I live green and fit into my new community while still sticking to my budget?

Luckily, there are no shortage of mom bloggers to welcome you to your new home in the Pacific Northwest. Here are five mom bloggers who can show you what life in Oregon can looks like if you know the right places to look.

Marlynn Schotland of Urban Bliss Life

Marlynn Schotland is a working mom of two–a teen and a tween–who also runs a fabulous food blog: Urban Bliss Life. The Portland-based mother started her blog back in 2004 to log her experience through motherhood, but eventually rebranded the blog to focus on food, travel and wine.

When we’re talking about food, we’re not just talking about the meals you cook at home for your family; Marlynn also reviews restaurants both while she’s on her travels and while she’s at home in Portland.

Andrea Hartman of Seasons & Salt

Andrea Hartman is on mom on a mission to spread awareness of ethical fashion. On her blog, Seasons & Salt, she encourages readers to stop purchasing fast fashion and instead purchase pieces that are made ethically and with the environment in mind. She points out that although these pieces might cost more upfront, they’re better made and will last you longer, saving you money over replacing the same cheap tee over and over again.

Hartman is a mother to three, and is raising her children in her hometown of Portland, Oregon.

Katie Carrick of Raised on Love & Science

Katie Carrick used to work in a lab, analyzing chromosomes and sequencing DNA. Today, as a stay-at-home mom she still maintains her love for STEM/STEAM efforts, sharing local events on her site, Raised on Love & Science.

You’ll also find STEAM activities, local things to do in Portland with a family, reflections on motherhood in all of its complexities including post-partum depression, ways to save as a mom and other general parenting advice.

Lauren Hartmann of The Little Things We Do

Lauren Hartmann and her family live a happy live in Portland. Her blog, The Little Things We Do, is aptly named as you’ll find all the little things Hartmann’s family does together on the site. This includes reviews of dining experiences, monologues on motherhood, green parenting, family traditions and more.

If you’re looking for a traditional, sweet mommy blog, this is the one for you.

Alicia Paulson of Posy Gets Cozy

Alicia Paulson has used crafting to get herself out of some dark times. Her hobby started as a child under her mother’s tutelage, but it really took off with embroidering, which she picked up while she was on bed rest for months after literally being hit by a truck.

Today, Paulson share her skills include knitting, crocheting, sewing and even making her own yarn on her blog,Posy Gets Cozy. Posy Gets Cozy is the real deal: An old-school blog, still maintained through Typepad, dating back to the year 2000. Dig through the archives to follow Paulson’s journey through craft blogging to parenthood as she documents both her creative work and musings on her day-to-day life.

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