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Parenting Bloggers of Tomorrow: Salt Lake City

By Team Tomorrow
Published July 12, 2019


Perhaps the Mecca of mom blogging, Salt Lake City and its surrounding Utah suburbs are host to no shortage of amazing mothers sharing their stories online. In Utah, many of these blogs were started as a way to update extended family about grandchildren, nieces and nephews and all the things families get up to.

As time went on, mom blogging became a different beast. It wasn’t just family members checking out these blogs anymore; other moms started joining the readership ranks, too. Some bloggers turned their sites into businesses, leveraging them as a way to bring in an income while helping other parents out there on their journeys.

Salt Lake City Parenting Bloggers

Carly Morgan of Ever Clever Mom

Ever Clever Mom is the type of blog you think of when you think of an adorable mom blog–with a couple twists. Its owner, Carly Morgan, shares reviews of baby and children’s products, summer reading list suggestions, recipes, musings on parenting and more.

Morgan’s blog also ventures into health issues, as well, though. When he was still a baby, her son had to undergo surgery for craniosynostosis, and she has another child with food allergies. She shares these parts of her life openly, allowing mothers in similar situations to know they’re not alone.

Kerry Smith of Mrs. Lady Wordsmith

Kerry Smith of Mrs. Lady Wordsmith writes a mom blog that strongly incorporates her LDS (Mormon) faith. If you’re looking for recommendations for clean books for your book club, Easter posts that focus on the resurrection, or tips for laundering garments, Smith has you covered.

You don’t have to have an interest in the LDS faith to find value in Smith’s work, though. Smith is a mother of two sons, the youngest of whom has Autism. Mrs. Lady Wordsmith follows their family’s journey into the education system, ways to work on social skills and even specific resources for Utah families.

She also discusses fun family activities in Utah, does product reviews and provides free printables for her readers.

Kendra Frampton of When’s My Vacation

Kendra Frampton is a working mom based in Utah, but her heart is constantly on the road. On her blog, When’s My Vacation, you’ll find tips for destinations, food and drink, health and fitness, DIY tips and even tips on things to do when you’re in Utah. In fact, one of our favorite posts of Frampton’s covers a staycation in SLC.

Brittanie Pyper of Simplistically Living

Brittanie Pyper’s frugality started when she became a stay-at-home mom in 2010. She became so proficient at saving money, she decided to start sharing her money-saving habits online via her blog: Simplistically Living.

Pyper is now a mother a three living in Utah with her husband–who has been able to quit his traditional 9-5 to help Pyper run her online business. In addition to frugality, you’ll also find cooking tips, DIY projects, printables, information on mompreneurship and more.

Sandy Christensen of Twelve Makes a Dozen

Mother of twelve children and grandmother to four, Sandy Christensen is one busy mom. You’ll find all the expected mom blog stuff on her site — Twelve Makes a Dozen. Things like DIY projects, recipes, reflections on parenthood and family adventures all feature on Christensen’s blog.

In addition to the traditional mom blog stuff, you’ll also find interesting content around being the mother of twelve children. She refers to each with a nickname, and shares a lot of details like each child’s birth story, where they currently are in life and what it’s like to live with everyone’s personality quirks. Inspiring and real at the same time, Twelve Makes a Dozen is always an interesting read.

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