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Parenting Coaches of Tomorrow: San Diego

By Team Tomorrow
Published July 26, 2019


There are so many different stages of parenting, spanning various needs of individual children. When you look up a parenting coach, you need to know if their services are for those with infants or teens. You need to know that any special needs your child may have will be taken under consideration. Your decision cannot be generic, because you and your child are anything but.

Today, we’ll take a look at parenting coaches targeting many different stages and styles of parenthood from the shores of San Diego. Whatever your needs, this city will meet them.

Renata Cameron

Being a new mother is a lot. Your identity metamorphosizes. Parts of this process are difficult. Parts of this process can make you feel crazy. These experiences can feel jarring, especially for those who were not expecting them.

This was Renata Cameron’s experience when she became a new mother after working with children and adolescents as a family therapist for over ten years. After her experience, she decided she wanted to help other mothers through the process. Today, she does just that through her 8-week Mommy & Me sessions, where new mothers can get honest about their new life in a judgement-free zone.

Dan Singley

Being a new father is a lot, too. That’s why Dr. Daniel Singley runs parenting classes both before and after baby’s arrival. Through his business — The Center for Men’s Excellence — the psychologist offers individual sessions, couples sessions and various men’s group in order to provide support to fathers as they strive to be their best.

Helga Roe Conklin

Helga Roe Conklin’s higher education revolved around Early Childhood Education, resulting in a career as a teacher. A self-proclaimed country girl living in America’s Finest City, Conklin currently works as a YA author and parenting coach. Her coaching services revolve around the Simplicity Parenting method which includes four pillars: Simplifying and slowing down the home environment, creating predictability, simplifying the weekly schedule for your child and filtering out the adult world.

Debbie Zeichner

Debbie Zeichner has a background in psychology and family studies. She also has a background as a mother who successfully learned how to overcome parenting challenges as she encountered them. She did this by pursuing certification as a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, a Certified Redirecting Children’s Behavior Parent Educator and a Mindful Parenting practitioner. Between her time spent working with families as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a parenting coach, her wisdom draws from over 20 years of experience.

Roya Kravetz

When your child has extra needs, it can feel difficult to find therapists, coaches or even friends who truly understand the specific differences you experience on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes those differences are challenges. Sometimes those differences bring deep joy.

When you find someone who understands — someone who can celebrate those joys with you while helping you overcome the challenges — it can be life-changing. Roya Kravetz is a San Diego-based ADHD parenting coach, offering services to both Spanish-speaking and English-speaking families. She also spends a portion of her time serving clients in Miami.

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