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Fun (and Strange) Things to Do with a Loved One’s Ashes

By Team Tomorrow
Published June 25, 2019

If you plan to be cremated (it is, after all, the most economical option) but like the idea of creating a lasting monument with your earthly remains, never fear! Just because you’ve been turned to dust doesn’t mean that your body will be spending eternity as compost. Looking for something more edgy or glamorous, but need ideas? We’ve got you.

Write it Down

Your ashes could be mixed with any number of substances, but ink is a favorite option… it’s not the most permanent memorial but can be used for some unique printed work, such as:

  • Making tattoos on your loved ones’ bodies—bonus points if they use the ash ink to make a tattoo in your handwriting
  • Printing keepsake books
  • Writing out extra-special invitations to your funeral or memorial service

Mix Your Ashes with Glass

Of all the things you could mix ashes with, glass is among the best choices, because the ashes create a beautiful pattern in the glass (unlike ink, which let’s just say looks pretty similar whether or not it has cremated remains mixed in). There’s a pretty big variety of offers out there, but glass and ash ideas include the following:

  • Blown glass keepsakes
  • Stained glass window pieces
  • Blown glass vases or other functional items
  • Glass pendants used in jewelry
  • Sand in an hourglass

Get Some Eternal Jewelry

Memorial jewelry comes in every shape, style and chemical make-up you could imagine. If you don’t mind leaving your ashes out of the picture, you could get a thumbprint pendant—if this interests you, it’s a good idea to get the thumbprint taken before you die, so your loved ones aren’t scrambling to get a morgue thumbprint before your body is taken to the crematorium.

One popular way to integrate cremated remains into jewelry is by making a small glass pendant with the ashes and hanging the ashes on a necklace or incorporating it into a ring or bracelet. That is not the only jewelry option, however. Some other ideas include:

  • A tiny urn pendant. Careful, as these could potentially spill down your chest;
  • Making cremation diamonds and integrating the resulting crystal into a piece of jewelry;
  • Putting ashes inside a pendant with a more creative design (and one that you can’t open, on purpose or accidentally), such as an hourglass, a bullet canister, a birdcage, a heart pendant… the options are pretty endless.

None of these options appeal to you? Not all of the fun ways to use your ashes are eternal. If you’re more of a go-out-with-a-bang type, you might try incorporating your ashes into a fireworks display. Because yes, that is a thing.

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