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The Ultimate Guide to a Memorable, Unique Funeral

By Team Tomorrow
Published July 10, 2019

The traditional funeral is something of a relic these days. While it’s not for everyone, many people are starting to choose non-traditional services when they pass away. Other than taxes, there is nothing more certain than death, so why not go out in style instead of the same ‘ole depressing and drab funeral?

Here are several unusual and interesting alternatives that you could consider:

Non-Traditional Funeral

This one is the most like a regular funeral, only without some of the longstanding traditions. Instead of somber music, for example, choose more upbeat choices or some of your favorites that you enjoyed in life. Instead of black clothing, have your guests wear brightly colored clothing instead. This type of funeral is more celebratory in nature, so people should smile, laugh and remember the good times.

Celebration of Life Party

These have been on the rise lately, and it’s just what is sounds like – a party. These parties are fun occasions filled with music and laughter. Friends and family should share fun and interesting stories of your life instead of reflecting on your loss.

Have Your Ashes Spread Somewhere Special

Have you thought about where your final resting place will be? If you are cremated, you could end up on someone’s mantle. Who wants that? Instead, why not find an interesting place in the world where you would love to be. Choose an exotic place or maybe your favorite travel destination. This could require special approval from local authorities to spread your ashes, so make sure you check that out before you decide.

Send Your Family and Friends on a Trip

Instead of a funeral or party, why not send your closest friends and family on a trip that they will never forget. Try to choose somewhere that no one has been to before or a place that you enjoyed going to with them. Pay for everything ahead of time so they can all go and enjoy without having to worry about money.

Become a Tree

We all know how important trees are today. With tons of forests lost each day, one wonders if the Earth will ever bounce back. In death, you can do your part to give back to the Earth by having yourself placed in a pod that will become the fertilizer the tree will need to grow tall and strong.

Diamond’s Are a Girl’s Best Friend

How would you like to be a diamond? Now you can have your ashes heated and compressed into a man-made diamond that can be worn by your significant other after you are gone. This diamond will last forever and can be a great tribute to your life as your loved one enjoys the beautiful ring your ashes have created.

Go Out with a Bang, Literally

How would you really like to go out with a big bang? Now you can have your ashes incorporated into fireworks that can then be shot into the air and detonated in a spectacular display. Personally, I would add this to the celebration of life party as the grand finale. Just think what it would be like to watch your ashes explode in a beautiful array of light.

Specify Your Wishes Clearly

No matter what you decide, you should spell out in detail exactly what you want when you die in a will that you have prepared long before your time comes to an end. At the same time, make sure your family and friends know about your wishes and understand why you have chosen the type of celebration you have. Understanding and accepting whatever type of celebration you choose will make it much easier for them to grieve for your loss after you are gone.

Don’t Forget Your Finances

Funerals, as you probably already know, are pretty expensive, and these alternatives aren’t much better. You don’t want your friends and family struggling to take care of your expenses when you meet your maker. Long before you kick it, try to plan your services carefully and do your best to take care of the bill ahead of time.

If that can’t be done, then make sure you have a life insurance and a trust in place to cover the expenses of your end-of-life services. After you’re gone, you definitely don’t want your family worried about money or stressing about how to fulfill your wishes. Make sure you financially plan for your end of life so everything is taken care of long before you go.

Parting Thoughts

Remember, you can’t take anything with you when you go. While you want to be sure you leave something for your family, you may as well go out with a bit of style.

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