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What Happens to My Pet If I Die?

By Team Tomorrow
Published June 4, 2019

It’s been a sad week for dog lovers — Queen Elizabeth’s final Corgi, Willow, was put down after a long struggle with cancer.

The royal corgis have become quite famous in pop culture — if you’ve watched “The Crown” on Netflix, or saw the Opening Ceremony sketch with the Queen and James Bond in 2012, you saw Willow and friends make an appearance (how cute are those ears?!) But here at Tomorrow, a doggy death has us wondering: what happens to our pets if WE are the ones to pass away?

What happens to my pet if I die?

A Simple Will Isn’t Enough

As responsible pet owners, we’re tasked with protecting our animals from harm and caring for their wellbeing. We also want to make sure that they will always be well-taken-care-of if something terrible were to happen. The last thing you would want is to have your dog, cat, horse, or iguana left hanging if you passed away. I personally couldn’t imagine my dog going to a shelter or getting sold because I didn’t have the necessary documents to dictate what I wanted!

For many pet parents, animals are members of the family, often considered children. But unlike human children, pets are considered personal property — creating a last will and testament does not guarantee their safety. You need a pour-over will instead, a will designed to work together with a revocable living trust to ensure certain property is moved into your trust fund when you pass away.

With Tomorrow, you can create a pour-over will and a trust that spells out exactly who should take care of your furry children in the case of your death. And if you fall gravely ill and cannot dictate your pets’ care, this also serves as a directive about where your pets will stay in the meantime.

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