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5 “Scary” Financial To-Dos Before Halloween

By Team Tomorrow
Published October 15, 2019

While goblins and ghouls are haunting this Halloween season, you may be tempted to hit up a haunted house or navigate a night corn maze to satisfy your craving for fright. But while you’re conquering your fears of monsters, it’s time to consider those “scary” financial musts you’ve been putting off. Here are 5 money tasks you can accomplish in no time at all (so you focus on consuming all of that Halloween candy instead.)

1) Make an additional principle payment

Whether it’s your mortgage, student loans, or credit card debt, contributing money to the principle can help you cut down on your interest paid over time. Try sending an extra $100 this fall – or anything you can spare – to start paying off the loan. It’ll make a possibly big mountain of debt that much more scalable.

2) Purchase life insurance

Not having life insurance in place should happen is scarier than any horror film. With the majority of Americans either under or uninsured, having a term policy in place is key to providing your family security. “Many simply assume it’s too expensive and their money is better spent elsewhere, while unknowingly passing on the opportunity to provide lasting financial protection for their families for perhaps the cost of the monthly Netflix account,” Josh Heckathorn, Tomorrow’s COO, said. In addition, many companies (like Tomorrow partner Ladder Life) can give you a life insurance quote without all the hassle of an in-person exam.

3) Create a will

Most people see a last will and testament as depressing, inaccessible, and expensive. But if you have assets, kids, or a partner who isn’t a spouse, it’s more important than ever to have a will. Here at Tomorrow, we’ve made the will creation process easy to complete via our app – you can complete your legal document in under 10 minutes from anywhere (including on the hay ride.).  If you don’t have a will get your free will here. 

4) Check your credit score

Credit is one of your most important financial numbers. Everything from applying for a credit card to renting an apartment requires a credit check. If this is something you’ve been putting off for awhile, it’s time to finally get a sense of your credit. A good credit score is anything over 700, so seeing how you can improve your score is crucial. Next, start with strategies like low credit utilization (using 30% or less of your credit limit on cards), and paying bills on time and in full.

5) Start building an emergency fund

An emergency fund can offer you a sense of freedom to make choices based on what’s best for your situation. Needing to leave an unhealthy job, paying an unexpected medical bill, a flat tire, or a home repair are all great things to anticipate. Experts suggest 3-6 months of living expenses, but start with trying to save $1000 as a cushion. And remember, this is only money you touch in cases of real need (not to buy that $500 replica Black Panther costume.)

Any scary financial to-dos you think we missed?

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