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7 Reasons Why You Should Have a Certified Financial Planner

By Team Tomorrow
Published August 9, 2021

Nearly 70% of Americans have less than $1,000 in their savings account. This means that, for more than two-thirds of us, the mere concept of saving up to buy a house may seem impossible. That’s when a certified financial planner comes in handy.

Certified financial planners are experts in financial planning, retirement, taxes, insurance, and estate planning.

Not everyone can balance their budget, and even those who can are usually better off with the help of a financial planner. Hiring a certified financial planner isn’t a small decision, but working with one can improve your financial situation for years to come.

Whether you’re saving for a home, retirement, or hoping to get out of debt, here are 7 reasons why you should consider working with a certified financial planner:

7 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Financial Planner

1. Certified Financial Planners are Experts in Their Field

If you don’t know how to change your oil, you go to a mechanic. If you can’t install your cabinet, you hire a contractor. Why wouldn’t you take the same approach when budgeting your finances?

A certified financial planner’s sole job is to help you reach your monetary goals. They make a living by balancing budgets, setting financial goals, and discovering investment opportunities. If you’re not an expert in these fields, working with a financial planner substantially boosts your chances of achieving your goals.

2. They Set Specific Goals

The more specific your goals are, the better. Your goal might be to pay off $10,000 in credit card debt, but a financial planner can show you how.

Financial planners know the growth rates of different kinds of savings accounts and investments. They can also figure out how best to consolidate your debt so that you’re spending less money on interest and paying off your debts faster.

3. They Have Connections

Many financial planners frequently work and network with mortgage lenders, realtors, and other resourceful people that can make your home-buying dreams a reality. These connections can run the numbers and find the loans best-suited for you.

4. You Have an Accountabilibuddy

Achieving a goal is much easier when you have a support system. It’s easy to give up on a goal if you’re only letting yourself down. If your financial planner is also involved, you’ll be more inclined to stick to your monetary goals so that you don’t feel embarrassed if you don’t meet them.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t. You may not reach every one of your milestones in the timeline you give yourself, and that’s okay. Life happens, and your financial planner will understand. What matters most is not giving up.

5. They Save You Time

Time is our most valuable commodity, and we never seem to have enough of it. Between spending time with your family and friends, work, hobbies, and everything else that you do, there isn’t much time left for other activities. A financial planner spends time on your budget, savings, and investment goals, so that you don’t have to. They’ll also provide you with better results.

6. They Know Taxes

Certified financial planners can incorporate long term tax planning into your financial plan. Not only will you get to take advantage of tax breaks you’ve probably never heard of, they’ll also have a plan for your future taxes.

7. They Tailor a Plan Just for You

You can spend all the time in the world reading books and blog posts published by experts doling out financial advice. Their tips are helpful, but they’re also generic.

Everyone has a different budget and different needs. When you sit down with a certified financial planner, then customize a plan specific to your wants and needs. Then, they help you stick to it.

While certified financial planners help you reach your monetary goals, we help you secure the wealth you’ve been. Visit Tomorrow today.

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