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Announcing #TomorrowTalk — and you’re invited!

By dailin
Published April 5, 2019

Americans don’t talk about money.

As a society, we’re more likely to talk about our weight, politics, or even our sex lives before we’ll talk about money. Over 70% of Americans say it’s rude to discuss money, even with their close friends and family.

Here at Tomorrow, we want to change that.

So today we are announcing our first #TomorrowTalk – a monthly Twitter chat dedicated to bettering your family’s financial future — with the support of personal finance experts, thought leaders, and community members like you!

We want to have honest conversations about our financial futures. We want to inspire discussions between family and friends, and help you achieve every financial goal in your sight. We want to engage with industry leaders and personal finance experts to glean awesome advice and guidance. We want to have community members like you contribute to the conversation, sharing your goals and progress.

Hosted this month by Brynne at Femme Frugality, we’re excited to wrap up Financial Literacy Month with strategies to improve your financial understanding. If you’re new to Twitter chats, it’s simple — follow the hashtag or us on Twitter, and join in at 5 PST/ 8 EST this Thursday. Answer our prompts with A1, A2, etc. and use the #TomorrowTalk hashtag so we can see your insights! Engage with other chatters to have some fun discussions.

Here are our discussion prompts to mull over before our chat:


Q1. What is financial literacy?

Q2. Why is financial literacy important?

Q3. What steps have you taken to improve your financial understanding in the past year?

Q4. What are 3 common barriers people face when becoming more financially literate?

Q5. What are 3 quick wins that people can complete to increase their financial understanding?

Q6. What blogs, podcasts, or courses do you turn to for financial education?

Q7. For lower or middle-class families, what tools are especially beneficial to financial literacy?

We’d love to see you this Thursday at 5 pm PST for our first chat! Use hashtag, “#TomorrowTalk” to join the conversation, and follow us on Twitter for updates and the discussion prompts. Chat with you soon!

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