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Why is the Tomorrow Will free?

By dailin
Published November 10, 2019

The answer is simple. We made our will free because most Americans don’t have one.

6 in 10 U.S. adults do not have a legal will. They think it’s too time-consuming, too morbid, too complicated, too expensive.

When folks first hear about Tomorrow, they wonder, “But how can it be legitimate if it’s free? Shouldn’t I be spending thousands of dollars and dozens of hours on this thing?”

Crafted by our own in-house attorney and reviewed by a board of 52 attorneys across the country, the Tomorrow Will is 100% a legal document. Every bit of information you put in Tomorrow is secured with bank-level protection and is never sold — ever.

So how do we make money? If you choose to purchase our premium product Tomorrow Plus — which includes a trust, partner sync, and video memories – or have interest in life insurance through us (we’re a licensed broker), we’ll make a profit.

And the best thing about the Tomorrow Will? Most people take less than 10 minutes to complete it!

We’re committed to helping every American family — regardless of income — prepare for their financial futures. Thank you so much for being a member of that mission.

If you haven’t experienced Tomorrow, download our free app below and start your free, legal Tomorrow Will.

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