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Peace of mind, knowing everyone is taken care of.

With Tomorrow’s tools, you will create a plan for your family and ensure there’s enough money for everyone. Begin by creating your legal will and getting life insurance. Then you can exhale.

Legal Will

Make a plan for your children, heirs, and assets.

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Your custom legal will includes

  • Legal Will Document
    Custom document designed with your wishes and your state’s laws in mind.
  • Guardians
    Designate guardians for your kids.
  • Inheritance
    Decide who will receive your wealth and how much they’ll get.
  • Valuables
    Leave special gifts to specific people.
  • Real Estate
    Gift property to the one who should have it.

Premium Trust

Ensure your loved ones are cared for. Available only on iOS.

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Your custom trust package includes

  • Revocable living trust document
    Custom document designed with your wishes and your state’s laws in mind.
  • Money only when they need it
    Your trustee distributes money to pay for school, healthcare and other needs before your child’s inheritance is received.
  • Delayed inheritance
    Divide the inheritance into two payments: One in their 20s and the rest in their 30s.
  • No lump sums
    Without a trust, your heirs will inherit everything on their 18th birthday.
  • Choose your trustee
    Select a trusted individual to settle your debts and distribute your wealth in the coming years.

Life Insurance

Affordable way to ensure there’s enough money for everyone.

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Life insurance gives you

  • Term life insurance policy
    Term life insurance is the most affordable kind of insurance, and is the best choice for most people.
  • $100,000 - $2,000,000 in coverage
    Families are expensive. Ensure there’s enough money for them.
  • Low monthly payments
    Monthly payments are small, and the price never increases.
  • Cancel any time
    You keep your coverage as long as you keep making monthly payments, but can cancel any time.
  • Tax-free inheritance
    Like most Americans, your heirs will likely pay zero tax on life insurance proceeds.

Additional Tools

Power of Attorney

Give someone you trust the power to act on your behalf.


Medical Consent

Authorize a relative, friend or caregiver to make medical decisions for your child when you’re not there.


Healthcare Directive

If you’re incapacitated, decide who will make your medical decisions.



Catalog and manage all your financial assets.



Keep track of all your valuables.