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5 Unique Summer Side Hustles for Teens

By dailin
Published May 18, 2021

If your teen has ever complained that they’re bored over summer break, you’re going to want to show them this list of summer side hustles. Not only can they help bust the monotony of all those consecutive days off, but participating in them can also bring in some cash, too.

Side Hustles for Teens


Is there one subject your child really excels at in school? It’s guaranteed that someone else has a child who struggles with it, and is looking to catch them up over the summer months. If they’re going to hire a tutor anyways, why shouldn’t your teen put their name in the running?

Tutoring can be a very lucrative side hustle, bringing in double digits per hour. Start your search in your local community, as your child’s age may be an obstacle in securing online gigs. They can advertise their services in the lunchroom, at community centers, on Facebook or anywhere else where their classmates and their parents congregate.

Neighborhood Game Master

Babysitting is definitely a great side hustle for teens, but we’re trying to give you more creative ideas today. Instead of babysitting for one family, your child can set up a regular activity group for the kids in the neighborhood. Maybe one week they’ll play baseball, another they’ll bust out the sprinkler, and yet another they’ll play some classics like Red Light, Green Light or Mother May I.

Charge a small participation fee per child. Odds are, parents will be happy to pay so they can have an hour to themselves every week, knowing that their child is having fun and in the care of a local teen they trust.

Social Media Intern

Internships are traditionally for college students, but many small businesses in your community and online are not going to be that picky when it comes to their social media internships. They need someone young, in-touch and responsible to manage their social media presence, and your child has grown up in the right time and right environment to have those skills built into their DNA.

If the internship is paid, great. But even if it’s not, it’s something that will look good on college applications and future job resumes.

Set Up an Etsy Shop

For those teens that are artistically or craftily inclined, setting up an Etsy shop is a great boredom buster that could bring in some extra cash. On top of doing something they love and making money off of it, they’ll also learn some basics of online merchandising. They’ll have to decide if they want to pay for on-site advertising, pay monthly listing fees, and figure out the logistics and overhead costs of shipping if their item is physical rather than digital.

Work at a Summer Camp

Summer camps—whether they be run through your local school district, community center or religious group—have a great need for extra hands. They may need people for prep work, working directly with younger children or organizational tasks. Some of these positions are paid, but others are volunteer opportunities. Again, even if there’s not money involved today, the experience will look really good on college, scholarship and job applications in the future.

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